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15 World’s Most Dangerous Selfies Ever!! (15 Images)

Selfies paint a thousand words. Since the birth of digital photography made available thru our smartphones, selfies have taken over the vast majority of our online albums like a storm. But imagine doing something extreme in the name of a good selfie for your Instagram feed! Imagine the rush to that! These adventure photographers have it all covered for you! In this article, we have compiled some of the craziest, most jaw-dropping, stomach-churning and dangerous selfies are ever taken around the world by dare-devil adventure photographers. Okay! I know what you guys are thinking, but these people have forever redefined recreation and photography by setting the bars high. While no individual got hurt in the process of shooting these photos, I would highly suggest for you guys not to try this without any supervision and permission from authorities.

Girl Jumping from the Mountain

Here comes another life risky selfie. I should say when you are doing cliff jumping, you should be very much careful. These are enjoyable moments, and everybody wants to share these memories with others. But the way she leaps from the mountain with her camera, she was looking very much scared, and she was conscious about to take a good selfie. In my opinion, you should enjoy the moment. Right now many photographers are available to take pictures on behalf of you while you are doing these activities. But I must say this film is very challenging for her.

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