Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Welcome to the privacy policy of where you will get information as to why your information is collected by us and how we use it for providing a better experience for you. As this is important information, we hope that you will read it till the end of the document and understand it perfectly for your own benefit. We collect the information as to how many times you visited the website and what types of queries were asked by you and which products were seen repeatedly etc. We also collect information about your location, browsing history and preferences so that we can offer better services but we never keep browsers personal information.

Cookies Policy

This policy will help you understand how the cookies can be set from our site and how you can delete the same if you want to do so. However, before you think of doing so, it is always prudent to understand what is meant by cookies and how they are used? You can delete the cookies by changing the browser settings of your computer or device. You can also take help from various informative websites in this process. We can and may make any changes in our cookie policy and same will be notified to you by email or we will also post the modified changes on the website. If you use the website after the changes then it will be assumed that you agree to the changes in the policy and are bound by the same.

Sharing of Information

We do not share your information with outside companies or business and therefore you need not worry about your information getting into hands of other people. We only share your information with our affiliates and the advertisers with us so that you will be able to get the information about offers that are useful for you. We are entitled to make changes in our privacy policy and we will post the changes on our website so that you will be informed about the same.

Using the Collected Information

This information is used by us to provide you a better browsing experience and also to provide the required services as per your browsing history. We also use the information collected by us to ensure that necessary changes can be made by analyzing the data collected by us. This will help us make changes and improve our website. You can read more about Google and the way it uses advertising on the internet by reading the article on how Google uses cookies in advertising.

For additional information please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your valuable time.